Evidence & Sources Assignment

Last week, Ms. Lueke assigned this project. Instructions are here. If you’ve not completed this assignment, now is the time to do so!

The task is, essentially, to provide three reasons that support a claim. And for each reason, provide three pieces of evidence (with a source).

Group Round Stories

Here’s the rules: You can visit any one of these stories (as many as you like each day). And you can add up to a half a page of new content to any story you like. But that’s it for the day–just a half-a-page. And then you can’t add to that story the next day (to give someone else a chance to add to it). If you want to go back the day after that to keep adding, you can (but then take the day after that off).

So, for any story you want, you can write half a page on a given day, then you can’t add to it the next day, then you can add another half a page the next day, then you can’t add to it the next day, and so on.

NOTE: I first made these from my Google account, but realized NSD Google accounts couldn’t access them. So, I’ve remade them in Aidan’s NSD google account. Hopefully, it should work now! Now it only works from an NSD account. Here’s the link to the folder with all the stories if that’s easier for anyone.

Click on a story below to start writing!