Lesson #2

The PACE Online Spanish Program: Lesson #2 is called “Beginning of Class Routine” and it uses material from Rockalingua.com. Señora Chris has fully vetted this lesson and thinks it integrates very well with the material she has already covered in the classroom. So, we’ve bought a license for all PACE families to be able to access this material.

The lesson begins with a video sing-along song, followed by several interactive activities. For families who want a little more, there are additional printable worksheets. As an incentive, Señora Chris says that students who turn in completed worksheets to her when we return to school (or, digitally, if that day never comes) will be entered into a prize drawing (if you can’t print, you can turn in just the answers on a separate sheet of paper).

We really hope your family finds value in these lessons and in your PACE-only access pass to the Rockalingua website (see the attachment for the password). Spanish lessons are one of the pillars of our program and we’re so excited that we get to continue them for you. We know that online resources can’t ever replace the value of personal interaction and contact time, but we’re confident that for our Spanish Program, this is a good alternative.

To begin the PACE Online Spanish Program: Lesson #2, please follow the instructions in the PPT attached to your email.

Lesson #1

We hope that your student will explore these resources for 10-15 minutes at a time, 2-3 times each week (or more!):
1. Quizlet Vocabulary Review:


If they want to work on all the vocab in the book, including lessons not yet covered:


  • We recommend your student initially SKIP the study/play options that are immediately visible and…
  • First, scroll down to TERMS IN THIS SET to review the words with the Spanish audio. 
  • Once the students have reviewed, they can scroll back up to complete the study/play options.
  • Note that the goal in Spanish PACE at Lockwood is to identify the Spanish word for each image (accurate spelling is not a specified goal!)

2. Sing-Along Songs

Next, please help your students visit the following songs on YouTube.com. Students should already be familiar with these songs from class and can sing along:

3. Home Resource GuideFinally, we encourage you to help your child explore other Spanish apps, books, websites, and YouTube channels. This Home Resource Guide (compiled by “Spanish Mama,” a teacher from Peru) is a good starting place for your explorations. Note that we have not personally tested each and every link for content, but Spanish Mama is a trusted Spanish teacher that Señora Chris has used many times in the past.
Questions? Please feel free to email Señora Chris directly at: spanishteacher@paceatlockwood.org