“May B” by Caroline Starr Rose

For “May B” we’re reading the following chapters each day. For homework (haha), there are worksheet available for each section. (I have a great packet of worksheets, but I just need to sort through them–the first one is asking for a summary of the book, so they’re obviously not in a great order right now)

They’re super-short chapters, so I assigned a lot. But let me know it if feels too much? Too little? We can adjust. (ps: I screen-shot-ed Chapters 1-40 from the eBook on my phone and saved it as a PDF. So all the links below are to that one file. Hopefully, we can all get a copy by Monday. If not, just let me know!)

Mon, 3/16Part 1: Ch. 1-4n/a
Tue, 3/17Part 1: Ch. 5-13Define these words from Ch 1-13!
Wed, 3/18Part 1: Ch. 14-21Making Inferences Worksheet
Setting Worksheet
Thu, 3/19Part 1: Ch. 22-30All About May Worksheet
Ask Questions Worksheet
Fri, 3/20Part 1: Ch. 31-40May & Me Worksheet
Character Study Worksheet
Mon, 3/23Part 1: Ch. 41-52Vocabulary Exploration Worksheet
Tue, 3/24Part 2: Ch. 53-63Reading Reflection Worksheet
Wed, 3/25Part 2: Ch. 64-75Summarizing Chapters Worksheet
Thu, 3/26Part 2: Ch. 76-86 My Predictions Worksheet
Fri, 3/27Part 2: Ch. 87-98 Main Idea Worksheet
Problem Solver Worksheet
Mon, 3/30Part 2: Ch. 99-110 Character Growth Worksheet
Follow the Plot Worksheet
Tue, 3/31Part 2: Ch. 110-121 Cause & Effect Worksheet
Wed, 4/1Part 3: Ch. 122-132Author’s Purpose Worksheet
My Favorite Quotes Worksheet
Thu, 4/2Part 3: Ch. 133-143Creative Cover Worksheet
Interviewing Author Worksheet
Fri, 4/3Part 3: Ch. 144-151Book Critic Worksheet
Story Sequel Worksheet

Story Time (From Space!)

The Mysterious Lueckinda managed to share this great link to “Story Time From Space.” Check it out if you’d like to hear… a story from SPAAAACE!

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