Each day, we’ll work on one of the following lessons during our Zoom session. Students can then continue the worksheets on their own (if you need a printed copy, I’ve printed a bunch–they’re on my porch). When they’ve finished the worksheet, they should go to the linked “Exit Ticket” form below and submit their answers.

Exit Ticket Answers

At the end of each week, I’ll post some quick videos explaining the answers to the Exit Tickets.

Daily Worksheets & Exit Tickets

DateLessonParent LeaderExit Ticket Form
Tue, 3/17Unit 6, Lesson 6GavinLink to Exit Ticket!
Wed, 3/18Unit 6, Lesson 7 KellieLink to Exit Ticket!
Thu, 3/19Unit 6, Lesson 8 ChingLink to Exit Ticket!
Fri, 3/20Unit 6, Lesson 9 ChristieLink to Exit Ticket!
Mon, 3/23Unit 6, Lesson 10MauraLink to Exit Ticket!
Tue, 3/24(Teacher Check-in; “May B” Discussion)Ms. Luecken/a
Wed, 3/25Unit 6, Lesson 11 KellieLink to Exit Ticket!
Thu, 3/26(Teacher Check-in–2nd-Step Lesson)Ms. Luecke n/a
Fri, 3/27Unit 6 Test! (no Zoom)n/aUnit 6 Test!

Beginning March 30, Ms. Luecke is resuming instruction, so we’re off the hook for leading math lessons for the time being.